Solar module equipment production process

Release time: 2023-06-25

Solar module equipment production lines are relatively mature at present, and each process equipment is highly advantageous, but due to cost, time efficiency, labour and other constraints, the functions of the line are still being gradually improved and made more powerful and intelligent. For the module industry, the design, processing, testing and monitoring of module components is an essential part of the process. Next we will detail the automated solar module production process:

1. Design phase
The design phase of the solar module production process is the most important part of the entire module production process. Usually, the design of a module production line is done by computer-aided design (CAD) software, which improves the accuracy and efficiency of the design. The design phase usually involves developing a draft product design, conceptual design, component design, as well as designing materials and solutions, selecting components and accessories, etc.

2.Manufacturing stages
The manufacturing phase of a component can include a number of different technical processes, including inserting, engraving, painting, injection moulding or clamping, to name but a few. The manufacturing process may vary depending on the product. Regardless of the form of the product, the following steps are usually required in the component manufacturing process: pre-manufacturing, raw material procurement, component manufacturing, component assembly, testing and inspection.

3. Assembly and testing phase
The assembly and testing phase is one of the most important parts of the entire component equipment production process. In this stage, the individual components required for the assembly are assembled together to form a complete assembly. During this phase, the following steps are usually carried out: assembly, testing and product quality control. In addition, for different components, some special tests and calibrations may be required to ensure the operational stability and quality of the product.

4.Delivery phase
One stage of the production process for solar module plants is delivery. Once the modules have been rigorously tested and calibrated, the manufacturer will deliver the product to the customer. During this process, the deliverer usually needs to prepare the module documentation, operating manuals, installation instructions and maintenance manuals and deliver these to the customer. In addition, it is necessary to pack the product and arrange for transport, safety and damage during transit.


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